Wednesday 24 January 2018

Food Court News March 30 – Weekly Briefing (audio)

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In this week’s summary of food news:

  • Pink Slime Defended: Beef Products Inc. suspends operations at three of its four plants and mounts a defense of the controversial filler, but is it enough to convince consumers their product is nutritious?
  • Starbucks Cochineal Extract: Starbuck’s use of a food coloring made from insects raises the question of what consumers have a right to know before buying when eating out.
  • Diluted Lemon Juice Claim: A study finds four popular brands of lemon juice heavily diluted with water; asks FDA to investigate.
  • Food Coloring and ADHD: The link between artificial food colors and ADHD symptoms is the subject of a new study.
  • Bees and Pesticides: Two researchers focus on the role a controversial pesticide is playing in the decline of bees.
  • Canadian Beef Recall: The Canadian recall of beef, which has been expanded eight times since February, now may affect US imports from the affected facility.
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