Wednesday 24 January 2018

Food Court News February 24 Weekly Briefing (audio)

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In this weeks summary of food news:

  • Martian Menu: Researchers at Cornell University and University of Hawaii at Manoa are providing  people that chance as part of a simulation find out which kinds of foods would make the most sense for a months-long mission beyond Earth orbit.
  • Listeria: Five months after the first report of listeria infections tied to contaminated cantaloupe from Jensen Farms, victims of the outbreak continue to die. But just how many isn’t clear.
  • Orange Juice Prices Expected to Jump: Consumers may notice a rise in orange prices in the coming weeks due to a FDA block of frozen concentrated orange juice from Brazil.
  • Raw Milk: A string of bad news for raw milk makers and consumers; FDA permanent injunction against PA raw milk maker, CDC study concludes most dairy product outbreaks are due to raw milk – all of this following a PA raw milk outbreak affecting 4 states.
  • Inhalable Caffeine: Maker’s of AeroShot, a product that delivers a blast of caffeine through an inhaler, are under fresh scrutiny after Senator Charles Schumer of New York raised concerns of the product as a “party enhancer.”
  • Minimum Wage: Changes in the minimum wage law in Arizona could leave some part-time or temporary teenage workers working for $4.56 an hour.



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