Wednesday 24 January 2018

Food Court Exclusive: FDA Response to Arsenic Found in Organic Baby Formula, Cereal Bars

Food Court reported yesterday on Consumer Report publishing a study from Dartmouth College which found arsenic levels on rice products (read more). Food Court reached out to the FDA for comment. Below is their response:


The FDA is committed to protecting the nation’s public health from contaminants in our food supply and has been monitoring for arsenic content for more than 20 years.

Because arsenic is naturally occurring in soil and was used for many years in pesticides, we know there are trace amounts of arsenic in many foods. In response, FDA has expanded its surveillance activities in rice to ensure that consumers are protected. In fact, beginning in October 2011, FDA began a further study of arsenic in rice and rice products in order to determine the level and types of arsenic typically found in these products. The study is scheduled to complete in Spring 2012.

FDA is not aware of any brand of infant formula containing organic brown rice syrup (OBRS). One brand of “toddler formula” uses OBRS as a sweetener. This product is labeled for use in children older than 12 months, however the label also states that a health care professional should be consulted before using this product for infants under 12 months of age.

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