Wednesday 24 January 2018

APEC Announces Partnership For Global Food Safety

News outlets are reporting on the announcement by APEC to form a Global Food Safety fund. The new fund aims at building oversight capacity, initially among members of the APEC trade group, which includes industrial countries such as the United States, emerging economies like China and Russia, and developing nations, including Vietnam. An American official, speaking at the launch of the Global Food Safety Partnership, said as much as 20 percent of the food Americans eat is imported, including 80 percent of their seafood, most of which comes from Asia.  He says a strategy for food safety must be global.

New of the fund comes as the US’s overhaul of food production, the Food Safety Modernization Act, is set to impact exports in the new year. The new Act’s impact on foreign nations will likely be to raise the standard for testing and preventing outbreaks which can quickly spread from region into another. Exporting nations are struggling to rise to this standard as can be seen in Jamaica.

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