Tuesday 20 February 2018

Food Innovation and Debating LD71

Food Court often strikes a serious tone bringing news stories and updates on regulations. The joy of food law however, is well, the food! Today’s post highlights two fun food stories.

New Chocolate Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts announced today a new food innovation – chocolate yeast donuts. Ordinarily the donuts bought at stores across the nation are cake donuts. Dunkin’ will be the first to have the yeast raised chocolate donuts. Its executive chef told the press the donut represented the “brands greatest doughnut innovation” which resulted from “years of developing and testing.”

In addition to making for a mouthwatering post, this food innovation holds some great hidden legal advice. Food is about innovation, but companies need to protect their new product’s development. It begins with non-disclosure agreements for employees and protecting trade secrets. The development progresses to branding, filing for trademarks, and if necessary patents. The value in food innovations is to be the first to have a product, chefs and restaurants must remember to include their legal counsel in on the process.

Picking a State Dessert

This post is purely fun food facts. It’s not every day that a State debates its state dessert. Maine is in a heated battle between choosing the Whoopie Pie and wild blueberry pie. That is the question before legislatures in passing LD 71. The issue boils down to history – Maine’s bakers has been baking Whoopie Pies longer than any other in the nation – and healthy eating. Maine’s legislators a high fat treat in light of the state’s childhood obesity problem.

whoopie pies

What role the government plays in our food choices is debatable, but what the Maine debate makes clear is that people take their food serious. This is what makes food law a fantastic area to practice in.

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